Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fallen Hero: First Edit, is now online

The first edited version of "The Fallen Hero" is now online. This is the same video that was showcased at the AXIS festival a week ago. The soundtracks used in this video are not original which is why we are calling it the "first edit". The video will be showcased again at Maximum Exposure at Ryerson, by then we will develop an original track for it and fix up a few minor mistakes, so expect a second revision.

You can view the video in QuickTime 7 here, sorry no alternate format has been uploaded yet. We will have more viewing formats and sizes available by the end of April.


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Anonymous said...

Hey guys...this is one of the best animated shorts i have ever seen...not only is it creative from the CGI point of view it also is a very creative story line...i just like to know what is the song that is played when MJ tries to resusitate the email is