Sunday, March 25, 2007

Show is over, launched, Toronto Star

The show is finally over, I'm not sure how man people even got a chance to see the project on opening reception since we were located on a floor with very little activity, we managed to move to the first floor on the last day. We are still getting back into our normal routines now that the show is over so not much detail will be posted on it until later in the week, first I must finish my 3000 word essay.

We will be posting the short movie online at this week for everyone to see so keep checking back for it.

Our short also got a small mention in this Toronto Star article, it's early in the beginning.

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shervin said...

Congrats Guys,

Awesome, you guys are going to have a bright future. Enjoy the ride and get ready for all the exciting stuff to come, (not mentioning the boring workloads of creating talking vegetables).

You never know, one day I might be wokring for you.